Trading All Over The World


We know it is hard to establish you brand product in the U.S. It need to go through the matrix systems required by the retailer. You can have the best product with low price, but that is not the main key to get your foots in the door with these major department store. It need connection and reputation to help push your product to the next level. Your company will need full time employee to help you manage your order, shipping, marketing and etc. to get your company off the ground. Buyers will not work with a company that did not have their business present in the U.S. They need to be able to talk to someone regarding the orders and work out a deal if needs. It’s very expensive to setup offices in the U.S. and hire people to work for you.

We have solution for you. American buying service can help you with market your product, handle all the orders, generate invoice, control sale representative, shipping, financing and etc. We can help manage the entire operation for your company with less cost to you. We will attend a trade show and work with buyers on daily basis. We handle the entire operation for you and make sure that all goods is ship out on time. We have marketing team to help promote your product to the world. We will give you feedback on the upcoming trend, so you able to compete in design and development.

Your company will have American Buying service give you all the support like they are your partner. You don’t have to put in large investment or open business in the U.S. Your product will be in good hand and manage by the professional to help you success within your industry. You can now concentrated on the thing that you do well and leave very thing to us to help you manage your product in the most professional and efficiency.